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What You Earn Teaching GTi Courses

Teaching GTi courses puts you in control of your business. You are required to provide a minimum number of teaching hours per practical course, but this can be split over several days to suit you and your students. The price you charge for the training you provide is your decision, although all courses have a minimum cost applied to prevent schools setting unrealistically low course fees. You can choose to advertise your courses and fees on the Beautyguild.com website which is one of the ways in which you can attract new students.

The available practical courses, minimum classroom hours and minimum course fees are shown in the table below:

Reseller Fees for Theory only courses

Accredited schools can earn commission on enrolling their students on online theory only courses. You charge your students the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) enrol and pay the reseller fee when you enrol them on the course. The difference between the RRP and the Reseller Fee is the commission you earn.

*All reseller fees are inclusive of VAT