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Advice for Guild Members on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

The Government has ramped up the restrictions and the advice is that all non-essential shops should be closed. As always, you should keep up to date with the latest news and refer to the official websites run by the NHS at www.nhs.uk and the Government at www.gov.uk regarding what steps to take in response to the crisis.

Should I still continue to work?

No. The Government advice is now very clear. All non-essential retail stores should close, which includes hair, beauty and nail salons. Although not specifically mentioned, this is also thought to include holistic therapy centres which would be considered to be non-essential in the context of this crisis.

Does Guild Membership and Insurance Cover Me For Business Interruption?

No. The Guild insurance does not include cover business interruption. However, the Government has announced unprecedented financial support for businesses and individuals affected by the pandemic.

Can I Freeze My Guild Membership And Insurance?

Unfortunately not. Guild insurance which is included in the Full Guild membership package is for a fixed term which means it cannot be frozen or extended. Your insurance will continue to run and provide protection against claims which may still arise even if your business is closed during this crisis. Many members also have cover for stock and equipment which will still be required even if the business is temporarily closed.

My Guild Membership and Insurance Is Due For Renewal. What Should I Do?

We recommend that you renew your Guild Membership and Insurance if and when it becomes due during this crisis. Guild membership provides many additional services including free CPD and free access to some Guild Training International courses. You will also have access to Guild Gazette magazine which we will continue to publish in its digital format. Maintaining your Guild Membership and Insurance cover will continue to provide protection and will mean that you can start working again without delay once the coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

How Do I Contact The Guild During This Crisis?

The Guild is still open for business during the coronavirus crisis. Most of our services can be accessed through the Beautyguild.com website. This includes renewing your membership and enrolling on GTi courses. Our Staff are working remotely where possible and will respond to any emails sent to the main address which is info@beautyguild.com. If you have an insurance claim, or need to contact the Guild regarding your membership or GTi courses, please use this address. We will endeavour to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

How Can Guild Membership Help Me During This Crisis?

There are several things we can do to support our members during this difficult time. Social Media is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your clients, so we have made the GTi course in Social Media For Salon Businesses available at half price for just £19.50 + VAT. And if you enrol on this courses, we will give you a voucher worth £20 towards your next Guild Membership renewal or if you apply to join as a new member. Visit Beautyguild.com and use the code SMHALF.

Is There Anything Else I Could Be Doing?

The news so far is not good, but try to stay positive. One day, hopefully not that far away, you should be able to open your salon doors again and welcome back your clients. In the meantime, there are several ways you can use your enforced down time to keep your business running even through you can’t treat clients. Here are a few suggestions:

Keep In Touch With Your Clients

As any therapist knows, providing a treatment is not just a mechanical or functional operation. Many clients benefit from the social interaction that they get with their therapist. Indeed, many clients will treat you as one of their friends, not just as their therapist. You can keep this social interaction going with your clients by calling them on the phone or video call to chat about the things that they usually like to talk about. They will appreciate your call, especially during this period of self-isolation. It might not alleviate your current cash flow problems but it will maintain that business relationship and help ensure future bookings.

Turn Self-Isolation into Self-Development

If you find yourself with time on your hands, why not use it to update your skills and improve your business performance for the future. Now is the perfect time to work on your business instead of working in your business. The Professional Standards For Therapists GTi course is available free of charge for Guild Members and includes information on hygiene and sanitation that is highly relevant during this crisis. Visit https://www.beautyguild.com/Courses/ to enrol. This course is completed entirely online. We will also be making more GTi courses available at reduced prices so keep checking the website and reading Guild Gazette printed and digital magazines.

Finally, we know these are uncertain times, but one thing you can be certain of is that The Guild are here to support you. Take care, stay safe and remember that real beauty is kindness.

Best regards,

Lynne Archer

24th March 2020